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QWOP named for the key's used to control the flash based game, is a running game where the object is to get your runner to cross the finish line. However the game is extremely difficult because the QWOP key's control the muscle groups rather than the running motion, this makes extending a leg extremely difficult let alone running.

Contributed by Jamie Caron

"One does not simply ____ into Mordor"... a phrase that would go down in legend from the lord of the rings series.... It was meant to highlight the struggles of entering Mordor in the series however it has become a humorous subject with all the different action verbs people insert into the blank...

Contributed by Jamie Caron



Contributed by Jamie Caron

Lawyer dog

Usually used in making pun's about dog's

Contributed by Jamie Caron

Success kid

Usually denotes a situation that proceeded better than expected... Sometimes ironic or funny within the context.

Contributed by Jamie Caron

“That Would Be Great”

Featuring an image from the character Bill Lumbergh from office space, the meme usually suggests seemingly obvious advice, in the format "Yeah, if you could do X, then that would be great"

Contributed by Jamie Caron

Slenderman, might not be amongst the typical definitions of a meme, but the tentacle armed monster seemingly out from under your bed is a well known name on the web. Youtube channel marble hornets has definitely helped popularize the meme by adding to the hype, creating video's that center around the main charactors being stalked by "The Operator" a tall slender faceless creature that waits outside your house and seemingly affects your memory's and any adds static to any recordings you might have of him.

Contributed by Jamie Caron

Confession Bear

This meme was popularized on the internet when someone actually admitted to murder on the popular site Reddit.

Contributed by Jamie Caron

Actual Advice Mallard

A meme that usually touts good advice. This is not to be mistaken with Malicious Advice Mallard which tends to give obviously bad advice. Its lead to the creation of several other memes one such example being boat advice.

Contributed by Jamie Caron

story of my life

Contributed by Ashley Carden