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A big mac in moderation will not cause harm to kids. Other images of health products should be displayed in the media, too. On the other hand, portion size is a key factor. It makes all the difference. Portion size is one of the main causes of obesity in the United States. According to Google health, “obesity is a term used to describe body weight that is much greater than what is considered healthy.” The core of obesity is temptation, an inability to resist something that is desired. The solution proposed for people that are obese children in the United States is to maintain their weight by balancing their meals and exercising on a regular basis. Parents need to inform their children that too much of anything isn’t good for their health.

Contributed by C Obi Anosike

Some McDonalds have seasonal options! Such as in October the pumpkin spice latte, pumpkin pie, pralines and cream mcflurry. The apple pies will normally stay year round and then a new pie will be replaced every season! Sometimes if you ask for a secret menu item, you will receive it. you never know, just ask because 8/10 times McDonalds says yes.

Contributed by Brooke Marion Brundage

Original McDonalds Menu

Contributed by Sara Cornett

This is a great read for those curious on how nutritious Mcdonalds really isnt!

Contributed by Michelle Jenkins

McDonald's Meme

They should do this for real!

Contributed by Mary Joseph

I used to LOVE McDonald's like literally eating it 4 out of the 7 days in the week until I started having chest pains. I would say it's okay to eat fast food atleast once a month but not exceed the way I used to.

Contributed by Ileana Mireles

When I went to Brazil, a Big Mac at McDonalds was 28 Reals. This is roughly equivalent to about 12 dollars. Not all McDonalds are the same.

Contributed by Ben Trabing

According to the Rick Steves' 2013 Paris travel guide, France has 1000 McDonald's and the branch on the Champs-Elysees is the most profitable one in the world. Who knew that Parisians liked Big Macs so much.

Contributed by Betty Chang

Tons of people are constantly giving free advertisement to McDonald's. I guess when a restaurant gets that big, there's no point in paying for advertisement anymore.

Contributed by Diamond Divine Wilson