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The island of Maui (/ˈm.i/; Hawaiian: [ˈmɐwwi]) is the second-largest of the Hawaiian Islands at 727.2 square miles (1,883 km2) and is the 17th-largest island in the United States. Maui is part of the State of Hawaii and is the largest of Maui County's four islands, which include Molokai, Lānai, and unpopulated Kahoolawe. In 2010, Maui had a population of 144,444, third-highest of the Hawaiian Islands, behind that of Oahu and Hawaii Island. Kahului is the largest census-designated place (CDP) on the island with a population of 26,337 and is the commercial and financial hub of the island. Wailuku is the seat of Maui County and is the third-largest CDP . Other significant places include Kīhei (including Wailea and Makena in the Kihei Town CDP, the island's second-most-populated CDP), Lahaina (including Kāanapali and Kapalua in the Lahaina Town CDP), Makawao, Pukalani, Pāia, Kula, Haikū, and Hāna.

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Endless rainbows on the island.

Contributed by Katie Roche

Great shot of the incredible Mt Haleakala, the center of creation for Maui.

Contributed by Stephen Edwards

If you ever go to Maui and are near Kihei, GO HERE! Shaved ice the size of a Grapefruit with icecream in the bottom? Why not!!! Seriously the best snack shack ever. Oh and get the number 5 smoothie.

Contributed by Stephen Edwards

A map of this beautiful Haven

Contributed by Stephen Edwards

One of those places you put "to visit" on the bucket list.

Contributed by Stephen Edwards

Does that not just make you want to cry;( happy tears:)

Contributed by Stephen Edwards

If you ever make it to this beautiful paradise, here's a great site to look up breathtaking activities. I would recommend Zip lining as it was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever been through. Especially seeing the beautiful sights of the Maui Valleys from above.

Contributed by Stephen Edwards

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