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Math Test

If math would be just this simple

Contributed by Dom Harris


pretty creative if you ask me ^^ haha

Contributed by Karla Balagso

This website (click on the link if it says no longer active) is a site I have found useful in explaining a lot of mathematical problems. There is Algebra, Algebra 2, Precalculus, Calculus, Statistics, and more! It is very useful and there are great examples in the videos. Check it out!

Contributed by Emily Stevenson

The feeling you get when you finally finish your math homework!

Contributed by April Alamilla

Mathematics is a music album which includes logic songs with lyrics of numbers. Math is fun!!

Contributed by Cong Vo

Math + Crochet = Art

Crochet is a craft that incorporates math in many ways. Math professor Susan Goldstine has collaborated with computer scientist and artist Ellie Baker on applications of mathematics to bead crochet. On the Mathematical Art Galleries website, she explains the math behind these beaded crochet bracelets this project saying: “Successful bead crochet bracelet patterns are best considered as infinite plane tilings, with the tiles composed of contiguous beads that obey certain placement rules dictated by the circumference of the beaded rope and the structure of the crochet.” This is part of 10 great examples of math-related crochet:

Contributed by Kathryn Vercillo

Funny video to help explain trigonometry graphs

Contributed by Santino Thornton

To some people math is unbearably difficult and to others it is simply fun. To me, math is life. Everywhere you turn number and calculations are present. Whether or not you are the one tweaking the numbers or calculations is up to you, but i promise you it is always present.

Contributed by Dashea Franklin

This video is one of the more highly ranked and well known on the internet.

Contributed by Kelsey Dean

Now we all can understand why our parents hated helping us with math homework!

Contributed by Lexie Dix