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Masai giraffe

The Masai giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis tippelskirchii), also spelled Maasai giraffe, also called Kilimanjaro giraffe, is the largest subspecies of giraffe. It is native to East Africa. The Masai giraffe can be found in central and southern Kenya and in Tanzania. It has distinctive, irregular, jagged, star-like blotches which extend to the hooves. A median lump is usually present in males.

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Feeding Behavior of The Masai Giraffe Species In A Controlled Habitat

Masai Giraffes are shy, timid creatures. Though, in a controlled habitat, such as the zoo, they are taught to come to the tourist feeding area and to stay stationary at a red sign on the ledge railing to interact with the zoo's guests. At the zoos, guests pay to feed the giraffes and are told to hold the food pellet between their index finger and their thumb, as if they were pinching the pellet. The formation of the guest's fingers around the pellet allow the giraffe to wrap it's tongue around the food pellet and reel it into their mouth. A Masai Giraffe's tongue, on average, is measured to be between 18 to 20 inches.

Contributed by Skyler Noble

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