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Marina and the Diamonds

Marina Lambrini Diamandis (born 10 October 1985), known professionally as Marina and the Diamonds, is a Welsh singer and songwriter. Diamandis has described herself as an "indie artist with pop goals" and often analyzes components of human behavior in her music. She is also known for her unconventional fashion styles.

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Marina's work (her photographs, videos, and songs) all tell stories of tragic (or heroic) female "Archetypes". Here, tumblr user 'ollaway' has displayed photographer Cindy Sherman's prominent influence in Marina's art.

Contributed by Charlie Nicole

Lies Official Video

Contributed by Kate Hoffman

Oh No! Official Music Video

Contributed by Kate Hoffman

I Am Not A Robot Music Video

Contributed by Kate Hoffman

Primadonna Official Video

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How To Be A Heartbreaker Video

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An interview about the album "Electra Heart."

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Upcoming shows and performances.

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