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Marching band

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our sons and daughter at drumline competition

Contributed by Mary Arellano Garza

My solo during my final marching season. Some of the dearest memories I will always hold close. Marching taught me everything.

Contributed by Kendall Montie

My schools marching band playing our schools song, the horse, at a performance.

Contributed by Laura Hall

My schools marching band playing stand music back in 2009.

Contributed by Laura Hall

I love to march in the marching band.

Contributed by Mallary Caroline McGahee

One of the best closers I've ever seen and have had the opportunity to play during my Senior year of HS marching band! The power behind it is just awesome!

Contributed by Cres Kelly

This is the halftime of The Ohio State University Marching Band.

Contributed by Desiree Samuels-Schulz

This is a clip of part of an HBCU (Historicaly Black College/University) field performance. HBCU's often present multiple fields shows rather than presenting the same show the entire season.

Contributed by Lemaro LMighty