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Red Area on this Map Represents where 5% of World's Population Lives

This map shows where 10% of the world's population lives. 5% in the red area, another 5% in the blue area and 90% is in the white area. This map was created by Max Galka and shows areas with the highest population densities around the world. Galka actually sees South Asia' dense population as a positive as it's economically, socially and environmentally efficient for people to live in dense population centers. There is also a current global trend of moving out of rural areas to the cities.

Contributed by Sam Feldstone

map of visible stars in Europe

Contributed by Jackie Fernandez


Contributed by Jackie Fernandez

North on maps did not always face up. Although It was originally true, maps were later altered so East would face up and to the Orient. However, during the renaissance, north once again became 'up' because people were enchanted by classic Grecian learning- including maps. As you we'll know, north is still pointing upwards on maps. Which can be attributed to the majority of the world's population residing in the Northern Hemisphere.

Contributed by Abigail Sisti

Currencies Around the World Map

Contributed by Sara Cornett

maps that show most and least racially tolerant, US splitting in the future, most and least tolerant of homosexuality.... CHECK IT OUT!!!!

Contributed by Vanessa Lam

Mapquest is a good site to plan out your trips.

Contributed by Kelsey Helgerson

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