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is a Japanese manufacturer and distributor of hair care, skin care, perfumes, and deodorants. The company was founded in 1927 under the name and changed its name to Mandom Corporation in 1971.

In 1927, Shinpachiro Nishimura founded the Kintsuru Perfume Corporation. After the success from releasing a pomade called the Tancho Stick in 1933, Kintsuru Perfume Corp. began to focus its future efforts in men's care. By 1959, the success of the Tancho Stick led the company to change its name to Tancho Corporation.

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I swore I posted these under Gatsby, not Mandom... However, the previous pictures that I posted are all of the Gatsby Moving Rubber series. They are available in the United States now but at a higher cost than in the Asian countries.

Contributed by Lisa Chong

I love how the bottles stack!!

Contributed by Lisa Chong

This is a size comparison.

Contributed by Lisa Chong

There are smaller containers as well. They have a lowercase "g" on them.

Contributed by Lisa Chong

A pile of Gatsby.

Contributed by Lisa Chong

This chart covers the length of hair and the style to achieve with Gatsby wax.

Contributed by Lisa Chong

Gatsby Nuance Motion (newer wax)

Contributed by Lisa Chong

Gatsby Wild Shake

Contributed by Lisa Chong

Gatsby Spiky Edge

Contributed by Lisa Chong

Gatsby Loose Shuffle

Contributed by Lisa Chong

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