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Mackinac or Mackinaw may refer to:


  • Straits of Mackinac, a waterway in the U.S. state of Michigan connecting two of the Great Lakes, Lake Michigan and Lake Huron and separating the Upper and Lower Peninsulas of Michigan
  • Mackinac Island, an island in the Straits of Mackinac
  • Mackinac Falls, a submerged waterfall in the Straits of Mackinac just east of Mackinac Island
  • Mackinaw River, a tributary of the Illinois River in the U.S. state of Illinois
  • Little Mackinaw River, a tributary of the Mackinaw River

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I love going to the Grand Hotel every year! Its always beautiful

Contributed by Ashlee Holland

Mackinac is a huge wedding destination

Contributed by Emma Brittain

Mackinac tourists flood to the fudge shops!

Contributed by Emma Brittain

Mackinac Island has the USA's only state highway in which motorized vehicles are not allowed

Contributed by Emma Brittain

Horse drawn carriage on Mackinac Island

Contributed by Emma Brittain

Cars are outlawed on this island

Contributed by Emma Brittain

Mackinac Island, off the coast of Michigan

Contributed by Emma Brittain

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