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Lumino kinetic art

Lumino Kinetic art involves, as the name suggests, light and movement. It is a subset and an art historical term in the context of the more established kinetic art, which in turn is a subset of new media art. The historian of art Frank Popper views the evolution of this type of art as evidence of "aesthetic preoccupations linked with technological advancement" and a starting-point in the context of high-technology art. László Moholy-Nagy (1895–1946), a member of the Bauhaus, and influenced by constructivism can be regarded as one of the fathers of Lumino kinetic art. Light sculpture and moving sculpture are the components of his Light-Space Modulator (1922–30), One of the first Light art pieces which also combines kinetic art.

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A video of Paul Friedlander playing with a hand held light sculpture in the London Studio 2004.

Contributed by Kyle Whitley

The white lights changes color faster than the human eye can detect which results in the appearance of these wave-like light sculptures.

Contributed by Kyle Whitley

Paul Friedlander creates these kinetic light sculptures by rapidly rotating a piece of string through white light.

Contributed by Kyle Whitley

Kinetic light sculpture created by Paul Friedlander, a British physicist.

Contributed by Kyle Whitley

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