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Contributed by Hanna Alzoubi

Love must be one of the most confusing things in this world, well at least that I know of. Love is that nervousness that you get before you see the person you like, but then once you're with them time flies by and you feel like you could just talk forever. Love is amazing and scary all at the same time. Love is when you care so much about a person that it hurts. Sadly, thought love doesn't last forever. I was in love once, but it didn't work out. People change, and feeling fade.

Contributed by Morgan Holt

This is a video I made for my IB Psychology class! Two classmates and I are doing a presentation on Sternberg's theory of love, so we interviewed our friends and teachers about what they thought love, obsession, and companionship were. Hope you enjoy and get a laugh! How do you define these words?

Contributed by Kendra Crews


I think i can safely say, this is what every girl wants

Contributed by Jordan Griffin


How to make the LOVE Shelf!

Contributed by Tess Chaffin

In times of war (in this case, the Civil War), the men writing these letters express their love and devotion to their loved ones at home. They reassure them that they are always thinking about and missing them and that they will return to them soon. I loved this website because it shows one good thing that came from the war=true love and amazing love stories.

Contributed by Ashley Mutziger

This website has inspirational and cute stories about love and life. They actually have some really awesome short stories that are worth the read!

Contributed by Ashley Engels

As deep as a mother's love

I've noticed that mothers love their kids more than they can ever understand. This photo of my sister and her baby shows that a mother loves her baby the minute they enter the world. The baby doesn't even know how deep that love is, it only comprehends a particle of that love. This love is the deepest kind of love I have ever known.

Contributed by Hannah Robison


Love your perfect imperfections

Contributed by Ryann Burnett

We must love one another the way God loves us. if we see people the way God see's them our judgments will go to shame and hide in the darkness in which created doubt. God made us all beautifully and fearfully made. Look at the person you like the least and say they are beautifully made, i bet your view of them might change.

Contributed by Sarah Gastman