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Love: How To

Somehow, so true.

Contributed by Alyssa Heric

The Ones You Love

Give them reasons to live...

Contributed by Madeline Johnson

What is Love?

Becoming for the sake of others.

Contributed by Madeline Johnson


Loving our enemies... indeed who is to say that they are not capable of change?

Contributed by Madeline Johnson


Be careful... do not look down on people so readily, you lose sight of the person behind the face.

Contributed by Madeline Johnson



this is true love

Contributed by Jordan Griffin

Baseball is creatively used SO CUTE

Being a baseball lover, this would be a goal

Contributed by Bridget Vail Franceschina

We all hope to find a love as true as this

Contributed by Sheri Ellebie

Love is in the Air

I hope that when we all see love we act differently but this is DARN hilarious.

Contributed by Claire Robinson