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Love, to me, is a very, very strong emotional feeling for someone. It could be someone you just met or someone you have long known. To me Love is much more than a 4 letter word. When you love someone, you are willing to do anything to be with them. You are willing to break all rules for them. You really care about them, sometimes, even more than you care for yourself. Love is when sometimes you don't know why you can't stop thinking about them. There is so much more to love that it would take all day to describe. Point is, Love is, a mutual feeling that you have-it comes from the other party-something about them that really attracts you to them. Sometimes at first, when you meet them, you don't really know if you love them or not. Sometimes it takes time to develope that emotional feeling. Love is really, really strong. Sometimes it hurts, but most of the time, its a really, really great feeling.

Contributed by Duc Thanh Tran

The heart wants what the heart want. So listen!

Contributed by Hanna Schultheis-Gerry

Love is seeing beauty in someone/something that others cannot. You find that person or thing simply beautiful but cannot explain how or why, it just is, because you unconditionally love it. If they/it becomes damaged, hurt, broken, repaired, perfect, happy, sad, or whatever you still see the beauty because you love them/it.

Contributed by Annarose Zelano

From recent experiences I cannot say for sure that I understand love and I know that I have not mastered it even in the least. However, I believe that a word that greatly equates to love is acceptance. It can be your first love, your love for your pet or in my case the love for my family. In any case, I think to accept someone in their entirety, for their flaws and their strengths, is to love them. To accept someone's shortcomings as imperfect perfections is to show them love.

Contributed by Hailey Maxine

love psychology

Contributed by Ana Micaela Aspiras

Sometimes love can't be expressed through words. Sometimes actions speak better than words.

Contributed by Randall Collins

The truth about love... sad but true.

Contributed by Nga Tran

Love is giving someone the ability to break your heart and trusting them not to.

Contributed by Tyler Severns

is love really an emotion that takes over you entire state of mind and body. Or is it just a chemical reaction of our brain. Think about it, next time your on a date your bain juices might go crazy for the person next to you but does that mean its loves. Think about it.

Contributed by Nayeli Montoya

She loves puppies. He decides to get create and propose using her favorite animal. Adorable proposal.

Contributed by Andrea Deen Mitchell