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Funny how you can care so much about someone, and all get in return is shit!

Contributed by Akiel Hunte

This is how most of my relationships turn out. It's a messed cycle I know.

Contributed by Akiel Hunte

I'm looking for a relationship like this.

Contributed by Akiel Hunte

I look forward to finding this kind of love :)

Contributed by Sarah Hamatake

1) TAKE HER OUT: take her and whatever guy friend you guys have to a scary movie - whatever guy she jumps on first shows that she trust them the most to protect her. (P.S: if it’s you; try not to be scared and hold her hand, sorry if it’s not) < she's interested> 2) WAIT TO KISS HER: but make it perfect. Try using something she loves EXAMPLE: she loves sunrises; wake up early one morning take her to a beach or somewhere secluded and watch the sunrise together (P.S she'll probably kiss you) - by making this moment perfect it shows her that you care enough to make her happy < she's attracted> 3) GIVE HER WHAT SHE WANT: every women wants to be loved, whether they like it or not; it’s partially due to our override of hormones, but only do it when you’re ready. EXAMPLE: a ring (trust) - by doing this you make an opening for her to show her true feelings for you (P.S: sorry if she says no) 4) TELL HER WHEN SHES WRONG: when she becomes comfortable with you she opens up herself to you even the bad things, when she starts losing it you need to tell her when she is wrong- by doing this you show her that you can accept her flaws and she can accept you as well 5) TEST HER LOVE: Ask her to do something that will make you happy, but she would disagree to and see what she does. EXAMPLE: you have to leave the state to start your dream career, but she can’t leave yet...If she loves you she would tell you to leave without looking back- because she knows that if she loves you more than she loves herself she would do anything to keep that smile on your face. < she loves you> *I know a lot of you may think this is the dumbest advice you received but it has worked because it’s my story. I was the girl that let him go and even though he is gone playing football, with millions of girls on his lap, I just want him to finally know that I did love him and I still do.

Contributed by Tara Teriipaia

Honestly one of the most heart-warming things I've ever seen, it even brought a little tear to my eye. Well worth the watch!

Contributed by Angelia Clark

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. Love never fails.

Contributed by Vanna Jones

different strokes for different folks. Try to remember not to judge others too much because what might seem taboo to you could be considered the sweetest most romantic gesture ever to someone else. Find a romance and love that is right for you and ignore what everyone tells you is "right" or "wrong"

Contributed by Angela Eaton

true love

Contributed by Angela Eaton

I sit in the dark alone with my thoughts swirling in my mind and memories of you behind my lids why can’t I be the one you find? I’m curled up alone on my bed thinking of the way you touched me with the pillow under my head why can’t I be the one you see? I run my fingertips along the sheets where your presence used to be and you’re smell still lingers why can’t I be the one you need? -Rhea Huggins, 2013

Contributed by Rhea Sunshine