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Love so deep words can hardly describe it.

Contributed by Domanique Mciver


Things may get hard, things may get rough, but all you can do is TRY. Don't give up, because your love will last

Contributed by Danyai Yolanda Tosado

I've memorized your face and the way you look at me...It melts my heart every time I think about it.

Contributed by Danyai Yolanda Tosado

Self-quote: "Love will find you, if you let it."

Contributed by Iklishi Udie

love can be mistaken for the electrical current in our brain when we find some one attractive or alluring

Contributed by Kasandra Dilks

In todays generation many people use to word love in vain because we encounter lust. The world needs to know that lust and love are completely different. Love can be a beautiful feeling yet it can also hurt so bad. In using the word love, people should make sure they are using it in the right way because love can also interfere with someone's future.

Contributed by Sharea Holley

Comes in different forms, is different for all, but it is none the less priceless

Contributed by Cassandra Bragg

My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost three years now. I was 15 when we started dating; he was 17. Now he's 20 and I just turned 18. We might fight and sometimes we make each other cry, but I have never known a love like ours. We might be young and some may call us silly children who don't know what love is, but despite how my family thinks it's immature, and how young love is something people actually believe in anymore, we are in love. One day, we'll move to Alaska or Maine and raise our children. One day we'll marry and it'll be the most beautiful day. One day we'll prove to the world that people do stay together still. Nowadays, staying together a couple years and breaking up is normal, but what ever happened to people falling in love and staying together till they die? My grandparents are coming up on their 50th wedding anniversary and one day, my boyfriend and I will prove that that's still possible amongst the millennial generation :)

Contributed by Sabine Glocker

If all men, AND WOMEN, are created equal...then no one should be stopped from loving who they choose to love. Same love.

Contributed by Caitlin Martin