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It Takes Two

Contributed by Lindsay Favero

Sometimes when love gets too complicated it seems like the only option is to just let go and give up. But if it is really meant to be, then it will be.

Contributed by Kenia Resendiz

It's been a while but I will always have faith in finding it one day

Contributed by Isabella Tee Dah

How many things start

Contributed by Eunice Lee

love has the same affects on the brain as cocaine.

Contributed by Aisha Fall

Love is all about caring for the other person in the relationship. Trust makes it flourish even more!

Contributed by Taylor Griebel

When you love somebody, you notice their smell. It is said that when a person work out and sweats all over the place, their pheromone gives off a strong smell to their loved one and if the smell doesn't bother you in a negative way, but in fact gives you a positive feeling. it is love.

Contributed by Miranda Nicole Green

With out it there is no hope.

Contributed by Domanique Mciver

Never gets old

Contributed by Domanique Mciver

Forever and Always

Contributed by Domanique Mciver