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During class this week, we had a timed writing of different kinds of love. The list can go on forever. When writing my list, I could personally relate to all kinds of love. Based on one of my personally relationships, I believe that love changes as time passes. I believe in high school, that is hard to actually fall in true love with someone at such a young age, but it is possible. My freshman year I met a new friend and ever since then I have always cared about him. As our friendship grew stronger, my feelings began to grow more than just friends but I would not speak to anyone about it, an unspoken love. My friends have always thought we were a "thing" and liked each other. We both knew that people were saying these confess but neither one of us would confess our true feelings. As high school ends, I just had to ask if he ever had feelings for me that were more than friends. If he wasn't going to say anything, then I will. It was the most terrifying thing. But after almost 4 years I decided to just go for it and hope for the best. I confessed my unspoken love but I got shut down right away, "Deidre, I have always seen you just as a friend". It has been such a disappointment and even peers are in shock. Thankfully, things are not awkward in between us but it's tough love, knowing that the one person you truly care about does not like you back the same way. Even with a broke heart, I am happy that I finally know the truth of what he has always thought and felt of me. But I have had this "love "since freshman year of the boy who is now only going to be my best friend. My love has changed over the time of our friendship. It has developed into tough love, I will always have deep feelings for him even though he won't. I am reminded of this daily seeing him at school and in Mr. Branchetti's English class. I am just happy that I know the really truth. "Love"can be so confusing and just a hot mess. But my definition of love is being with someone that will be with you through your best and worst. He or she brings out the best of you, a positive influence, makes you happy, a friend. People tend to think that hate is such a strong word, but what about love?

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The things you do for love.

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Sisterly love!

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20 most romantic Disney momentss

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I'm pretty sure every teenage girl wants a love like Chuck and Blair

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So true

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Though I am young and have loved no one but those who have given me life and who have helped me rise on two strong legs, I know what love is. Family. No Eminem it is not EVOL. It is family. I don't have a hundred relatives or even ten, but I do have those who live at home with me and they have made a home in my heart. Love is to feel safe when they are around. Love is to find it difficult to stay mad or sad. Love to laugh out loud, to hold nothing back. Love is to trust, to keep secrets out in the open. Love is to cook when you don't have time. Love is to help even when you don't have the answer. Love is patience (especially when it comes to siblings ;) ) I love my family and I hope that one day I will find someone who can fit into my life like a missing puzzle piece and complete me, because one filled with love has no cold empty spaces and will always find happiness.

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Say it

Chuck and Blair in Gossip Girl :p

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