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Lost and found

A lost and found (American English) or lost property (British English), or lost articles (also Canadian English) is an office in a public building or area where people can go to retrieve lost articles that may have been found by others. Frequently found at museums, amusement parks and schools, a lost and found will typically be a clearly marked box or room in a location near the main entrance.

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Found your wallet!

If you can find me i will give it back to you. Find me!

Contributed by Josephine John

I found it!

Contributed by Kristi Waz

Good Citizens do Exist

Once was lost but now it's found =)..#UCF #Go Knights!!!

Contributed by Penny Highlyfavored Proud

Baby Got Bank

We happened upon this lost wallet on a walk. Let us know if it's yours!

Contributed by Jessica Marie Wolfe

Finders keepers?1

Found it!

Contributed by Matt Malby

lost wallet?

I found your wallet buy gave it to the wrong person...oops!

Contributed by Tina Pham

Found in cameras section at Best Buy - Waterford Lakes

Taken using the Samsung Galaxy 4s that was in the store for display, want Mr Chuck to get his money back so we can meet up and buy some dank CD's at Best Buy!

Contributed by Neil Vegoinre

Found your Wallet

I randomly found this at the bus stop! I actually thought it was full of money but then I opened it and It was this! I think this was a great way to get someones attention :)

Contributed by Andrea PL

Did you lose this? ;-)

Dang Kao!!!! You're one tall man!!

Contributed by Jonathan Richardson

Puffer Fish Among Strangest Lost and Found Items

Oddee has an article rounding up ten of the weirdest lost and found items. A stuffed puffer fish, a super expensive cello and human skulls in a bag are among the items. What's the weirdest thing you've ever lost or found?

Contributed by Kathryn Vercillo

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