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Longboard (skateboard)

A longboard is a type of sports equipment similar to, but not the same as, a skateboard. It is often longer than a skateboard and has a wide variety of shapes. It tends to be faster because of wheel size, construction materials and more precise hardware. Longboards are commonly used for cruising and downhill racing, known as longboarding, rather than skateboarding. Longboard 'dancing' and 'freestyle' are also becoming more popular styles, in which the rider utilises skateboard-like manoeuvres and steps up and down the board, generally in a fluid manner.

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The Phases of Skateboards

Before skateboarding was popular, people made boards from roller-skate wheels and peices of wood. Skateboards eventually evolved and incorporated bigger wheels while adopting a surf board shape to them. These manufactured boards looked closer to the Long boards and cruisers we have today. Skateboards were again adapted by shrinking their wheel size, ditching the surf board look, and adding grip tape. Longboards today have a longer wheelbase than skateboards, have bigger and softer wheels, and are almost doppelgangers to the Old School Boards while Skateboards took on a concaved deck to perform harder tricks.

Contributed by McKenna Yeates

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