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List of water sports

There are dozens of commonly played sports that involve water. These include sports that are located underwater, over water, or in water. One-person recreational activities, such as scuba diving and swimming, as well as competitive sports, such as such as boat racing and underwater football, are all considered to be water sports. rect 10 2 0444 560 Diving rect 4 1 966 635 Diving rect 0 643 969 1247 Synchronized swimming rect 0 1248 970 1982 Yacht racing rect 967 1346 2145 1987 Dragon boat racing rect 2143 1347 3062 1987 Kayaking rect 969 0 2044 644 Surfing rect 969 643 2051 1346 Swimming rect 2047 652 3062 1347 Rowing rect 2044 0 3062 650 Water polo desc bottom-right

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