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List of fictional werewolves

This is a List of fictional werewolves who appear in works of fiction, literature, television, comics, films and legends.

Name Author Work Notes
Draugluin J. R. R. Tolkien Legendarium Bred from the wolves and inhabited with an evil spirit sent by Morgoth himself, Draugluin was the sire of all werewolves of Beleriand, including Carcharoth, and lived with his master Sauron in Tol-in-Gaurhoth, the former watchtower of Finrod Felagund.
Lucian Greymark Cassandra Clare The Mortal Instruments born Lucian Greymark a shadow hunter at birth was later bitten by a werewolf, he left his home of Alicante and followed his friend Jocelyn Fairchild assuming a new identity of Luke Garroway
Fenrir Greyback J. K. Rowling Harry Potter A werewolf who is involved with the Death Eaters, allowed to use their robes but not ranking highly enough to carry the Dark Mark. He is known as the most savage werewolf ever to live and is greatly feared throughout the wizarding world.
Remus Lupin J. K. Rowling ''Harry Potter A werewolf who was bitten when he was young by Fenrir Greyback. Despite wizarding society discriminating against werewolves, he briefly teaches at Hogwarts and fights against the Death Eaters.
Arthur Vines Jaromy Henry The Blood Maker and the Witch's Curse A descendent of the first werewolf to have been cursed by the witch, Griselda, who carries the Werewolf Crux allowing him to change from human to wolf form at will.
Samson Vines Jaromy Henry The Blood Maker and the Witch's Curse The son of Arthur Vines who was born with the ability to change from wolf form to human form at will. He is believed to be the Moon Taker as foretold by an ancient prophecy. He used his powers to convince the Tribe that he was their new king and successfully dethroned his father as King of the Werewolves. He is hunting for the cruxes, including the one his father, Arthur Vines, possesses.
Grubbs Grady Darren Shan The Demonata One of the main characters in The Demonata series by Darren Shan. He is the protagonist of the first book (Lord Loss), the third (Slawter), the fifth (Blood Beast) the sixth (Demon Apocalypse), the eighth (Wolf Island) and the tenth (Hell's Heroes).
Delphine Angua von Überwald Terry Pratchett Discworld A Captain in the Ankh-Morpork City Watch, Angua is the daughter of the Baron and Baroness of Überwald. She first appears in Men at Arms, having rebelled against her family's werewolf lifestyle and moved to the city, where she joins the City Watch and begins a relationship with Captain Carrot Ironfoundersson. She reappears in several subsequent books in the series, including The Fifth Elephant in which she returns to Überwald to confront her family.
Jeremy Danvers Kelley Armstrong Bitten Born a werewolf, Alpha of the North American werewolf Pack.
Adam Hauptman Patricia Briggs Mercy Thompson Series Alpha werewolf of the Tri-Cities pack
Bran Cornick Patricia briggs Mercy thompson, Alpha Omega Series Alpha above all Alphas. He is the Marrok

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Teen Wolff's Peter Hale

Although he may be a bad guy, Peter Hale, played by Ian Bohen in MTV's Teen Wolf, will forever be my favorite werewolf. Peter was the Alpha werewolf until his nephew Derek took that status from him. Derek's status as Alpha was later taken by Scott McCall, who is the show's main character. Scott was turned into a werewolf by Peter Hale in the show's pilot episode.

Contributed by Calleigh Henson

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