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List of The Vampire Diaries characters

rect 13 124 81 356 Kat Graham rect 110 105 165 352 Ian Somerhalder rect 185 123 246 246 Zach Roerig rect 260 174 314 307 Michael Trevino rect 216 262 277 365 Candice Accola rect 260 174 314 307 Michael Trevino rect 328 167 369 314 Steven R. McQueen rect 379 119 441 219 Matthew Davis rect 446 111 519 356 Nina Dobrev rect 543 143 572 196 Michael Malarkey rect 579 105 656 355 Paul Wesley

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Hayley played by Phoebe Tonkin

Contributed by 'David Hrostoski

Professor Shane played by David Alpay

Contributed by 'David Hrostoski

April Young played by Grace Phipps

Contributed by 'David Hrostoski

Meredith Fell played by Torrey DeVitto

Contributed by 'David Hrostoski

Rebeckah Mikaelson played by Claire Holt

Contributed by 'David Hrostoski

Elijah Mikaelson played by Daniel Gillies

Contributed by 'David Hrostoski

Mason Lockwood played by Taylor Kinney

Contributed by 'David Hrostoski

John Gilbert played by David Anders

Contributed by 'David Hrostoski

Isobel Flemming played by Mia Kirshner

Contributed by 'David Hrostoski

Anna played by Malese Jow

Contributed by 'David Hrostoski

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