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Put your schedule as your lock screen on your phone, that makes it very handy to look at if you forget, until you have it memorized.

Contributed by Katie Otradovec

Great Tip

You would really think about it, but I'm sure those menus can get pretty dirty with every customer touching them when they come in

Contributed by Katie Otradovec


If your roommate's alarm is going off and they don't wake up from it, call their phone (only if their alarm is on their phone) this will turn it off. This is great for a time when you want to sleep and their alarm just keeps going off.

Contributed by Katie Otradovec

Chewing Gum?

Wow, this is a strange concept! Can chewing gum really make a long ride feel shorter! I'm a little skeptical, but maybe I'll try this on my next ride home from college!

Contributed by Katie Otradovec


This is a great life hack for those who frequently get the hiccups. It may sound strange, but my sister seems to get the hiccups at least once a week, if not more often. This would be great if it works!

Contributed by Katie Otradovec

Time Capsule

This is cool, you can write a letter and have it sent to yourself, this way you can make sure that you will receive the letter when you are older.

Contributed by Katie Otradovec


This is a great life hack, all of my t-shirts have shrunk in the dryer at school.

Contributed by Katie Otradovec

This could save your life one day!

For those uncomfortable situations

Contributed by Jordan See