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Licence to Kill

Licence to Kill is a 1989 British spy film, the sixteenth in the James Bond film series produced by Eon Productions, and the last to star Timothy Dalton in the role of the fictional MI6 agent James Bond. It is the first one not to use the title of an Ian Fleming story. It is also the fifth and final consecutive Bond film to be directed by John Glen. The story has elements of two Ian Fleming short stories and a novel, interwoven with aspects from Japanese Rōnin tales. The film sees Bond being suspended from MI6 as he pursues drugs lord Franz Sanchez, who has ordered an attack against his CIA friend Felix Leiter and the rape and murder of Felix's wife during their honeymoon. Originally titled Licence Revoked in line with the plot, the name was changed during post-production due to American test audiences associating the term with driving.

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Davi, in one of his earlier film roles, played 1 of 2 special agent FBI's Johnson in Die Hard. His DIe Hard role catapulted him into this bond film, License To Kill. ANd in reality, Davi had to fake his accent. He was born in New York

Contributed by Kevin Chambers

The actor Robert Davi has gone on to Las Vegas, as a singer sining Sinatra. He is actually a really good singer, and his Sinatra songs are well done; obviously he's no Sinatra, but still an interesting career path after his acting career wound down. Davi is also a frequent guest on Fox News, which lessons his appeal somewhat

Contributed by Kevin Chambers

A young Benicio Del Toro, yes, the Oscar winning actor, was a villain in this movie. At only 22, he holds the distinction of the youngest bond "henchman" of all time. This was actually one of his first film credits, as he had just recently started acting. He took acting classes at UCSD, but then moved to LA and was in episodes of Miami Vice, and other shows along those lines until he was chosen for this movie.

Contributed by Kevin Chambers

Official Licens To Kill 1989 Trailer

Contributed by Kevin Chambers

Many critics thought that this movie and storyline was too violent, and too macabre. I don't understand what they would expect from a James Bond movie, clearly TImothy Dalton brought his own style and brand to the film, and his legacy, albeit very brief, was a good transsition from the somewhat lighter Roger Moore. Timothy Dalton was offered the role for 1995's GoldenEye, but he turned it down because he felt he was too old for the part. Instead, Pierce Brosnan was chosen, although in my opinion, he brought nothing to the table as 007, and his movies were poor compared to the other actors who portrayed 007.

Contributed by Kevin Chambers

In the scene where they are driving the tanker trucks, that scene was actually filmed on location in Mexicali, where the stretch of road had been closed because it was too dangerous

Contributed by Kevin Chambers

Robert Davi, the antagonist in the movie, actually was chosen because he bore a striking resemblance to Manuel Norriega, the drug kingpin and President of Panama, whose Country the US invaded in 1989

Contributed by Kevin Chambers

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