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Liberty University

Liberty University (LU), also referred to as Liberty, is a private, non-profit Christian research university located in Lynchburg, Virginia, United States.

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You can also get to this website by going to It is the official website for Liberty University's Convocation Services. It is North America's largest weekly gathering of Christian students. Each year it plays host to more than 80 guest speakers of national significance from every sphere of society. It is held within the Vines Center at Liberty University during each semester at 10:00 AM on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday unless otherwise noted.

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Liberty University School of Nursing

Liberty University has one of the best nursing programs in the country.

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This is a link to the official Liberty University website. If you are looking for a great school, then please consider Liberty University. First, it is located in the beautiful blue ridge mountains of Virginia. Second, they are always looking for new students, so it is not hard to get in. Third, the professors actually care if you succeed or not. Fourth, there is a lot of financial aid available for new and transfer students. I could keep going, but I think that I have made my point.

Contributed by Christine Ruff

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