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A lesson plan is a teacher's detailed description of the course of instruction or "learning trajectory" for a lesson. A daily lesson plan is developed by a teacher to guide class learning. Details will vary depending on the preference of the teacher, subject being covered, and the needs of the students. There may be requirements mandated by the school system regarding the plan. A lesson plan is the teacher's guide for running a particular lesson, and it includes the goal (what the students are supposed to learn), how the goal will be reached (the method, procedure) and a way of measuring how well the goal was reached (test, worksheet, homework etc.).

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This is an excellent resource for high school teachers to get lesson plan idea in all subjects.

Contributed by Betty-Ann Townsend

Looking for a unique way to teach science? This website gives creative lessons for k-8, in subjects like earth, tech, animals, biology, chemistry, space, etc. This is a great resource that will help teachers create an effective lesson.

Contributed by Betty-Ann Townsend

This website gives hundreds of creative lesson plan ideas, games, and activities. It is a really cool resource that I will defiantly use when I begin teaching.

Contributed by Betty-Ann Townsend

This website outlines common mistakes that first year teachers make when designing a lesson plan. Avoid these stumbling blocks and your first year of teaching should go smoother then expected.

Contributed by Betty-Ann Townsend

Teacher can use this website to incorporate technology into their classroom. It can be used by all ages and you can create three voice threads for free, without a membership. It is easy and fun. All that you need is a computer/Ipad with a built-in microphone.

Contributed by Betty-Ann Townsend

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