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Leggings refer to several types of leg coverings. Modern usage from the 1960s came to refer to elastic close-fitting garments worn over the legs typically by women, such as leg warmers or tights. Usage from the 18th century refers to men's wear, usually made of cloth or leather that is wrapped around the leg down to the ankle. In the 19th century leggings usually referred to infants' leg clothing that were matched with a jacket, as well as leg-wrappings made of leather or wool and worn by soldiers and trappers. Leggings prominently returned to women's fashion in the 1960s, drawing from the form-fitting clothing of dancers. With the widespread adoption of the synthetic fibre Lycra and the rise in popularity of aerobics, leggings came to further prominence in the 1970s and '80s, and eventually made their way into streetwear. Leggings are a part of the late 2010s athleisure fashion trend of wearing activewear outside sporting activities and in casual settings, which became a contentious social norm in the United States.

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Cat Pattern Tights

For the cat-lover in all of us

Contributed by Katie Kalina

what lois lane should have worn

Contributed by Jordan Griffin

tellin' people what kinda person you are

Contributed by Jordan Griffin

made just for people to start at your gorgeous legs

Contributed by Jordan Griffin

for the grown-up-little-girl in all of us

Contributed by Jordan Griffin

just like jeans, every girl needs a pair of distressed leggings

Contributed by Jordan Griffin

black, white, and read all over leggings

Contributed by Jordan Griffin

LOVE these leggings

These leggings are of my favorite Disney movie!

Contributed by Cassandra Charlois Moceri

Circuit Board Leggings

Contributed by Sara Cornett

However the only place you can wear them would be at a comic party. Leggins are meant to look classy, and add gorge to your outfit. Lets not get over the top.

Contributed by Amanda Lynn

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