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Learn to Play Guitar

Learn to Play Guitar is a 1997 EP by Gigolo Aunts. It includes the track "Kinda Girl", co-written by Jules Shear. The album cover features Anna Lucas.

Track listing
US Version (Wicked Disc) Catalog Number: WIC 1007-2 (1997)

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Looks harder than it is. Try it!:)

Contributed by Stephen Edwards

Another one of Jack Johnson's fun faster paced strumming songs.

Contributed by Stephen Edwards

Love this song! Sounds so fun to play but haven't mastered it yet. Yet!

Contributed by Stephen Edwards

awesome song and a swell tutorial. fun fun fun!

Contributed by Stephen Edwards

Awesome super fun song to play. Played it for my Guitar 1 concert.

Contributed by Stephen Edwards

Great song and a great tutorial

Contributed by Stephen Edwards

Really fun and awesome sounding song, not too hard to learn!

Contributed by Stephen Edwards

One of the first songs I ever learned. Great song. Simple enough to learn an easy version with strumming then take it up a notch with picking. Have fun!

Contributed by Stephen Edwards

This guy who has this channel is my favorite online guitar instructor. here's most of the vids he put up ill add videos to my favorite songs to learn by him. Great dude!

Contributed by Stephen Edwards

Great channel to subscribe to learn a bunch of different songs and styles on the guitar from beginner to advanced guitar players. Great group of online video instructors.

Contributed by Stephen Edwards

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