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League of Legends

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It's a couple months old, but still relevant.

Contributed by Stephanie Federman

Vi was my favorite champion when she came out, but I think I like Jinx more

Contributed by Desiree Carrington

This cinematic is a bit old, but it's so cool!

Contributed by Desiree Carrington

Jinx the Loose Cannon

Contributed by Kelsey Tomlinson

League of Legends

League of Legends is an online strategy game known as a MOBA, or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. Within the game, you select a playable character for each match, called a champion, and can use a certain set of acquired spells, and stat increases to make them stronger, before entering the match. Inside the match, your champion has a passive ability, and four spells specific to themselves, and two spells that are summoner spells, which could be chosen before the game. These 6 spells are controlled by the Q,W,E,R,D, and F keys respectively. The most powerful spell of every champion is the R spell, and is known as his ultimate spell, or ult in short. Champions in the game each play different roles. Some of them have high attack power, and do most of their damage with their basic attacks. These champions are known as attack damage carries, or adcs. Some characters have high spell power, and these characters are ability power oriented, or ap characters. Tanks are characters with the ability to receive a lot of damage, while not necessarily being the strongest in attack. Support characters are characters who usually have the ability to heal allies, or stun, slow, or disable the abilities of opponents. Together, with a combination of skill, characters, and teamwork, League of Legends is an intense MOBA, and is even recognized in the world of e-sports.

Contributed by Clifford Broker

The forever expanding game

League of Legends is a fun interactive online game created by Riot, and run by the gamers. In this Online game, you can choose from an ever expanding list of pre-generated characters called "Champions" with and work together with other online players. Each champion has a passive ability that is in affect during the duration of the game, and five other unique abilities used to attempt to destroy the base of the enemy team, all while they have the same intent. The game never gets easier since not only you level up and get stronger, but every other player will level up, and become stronger, leading to a never boring match.

Contributed by Brandon Maldonado


League of Legends is a game in which the player is given the opportunity to play as over 100 champions. Each champion has five, or more, unique abilities which need mastering to know how to properly play. The game is addicting, and free!

Contributed by Ian Kramer

League of Legends. A highly addicting and very popular online game.

Contributed by Cisco Garcia