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Laura Marano

Laura Marie Marano (born November 29, 1995 as Ally Dawson. Marano was one of the five original classmates in Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?. She starred in Without a Trace for three seasons and also Back to You, in both instances playing the daughter of the main characters. Marano starred in the indie film A Sort of Homecoming. Marano also starred in the 2015 Disney Channel Original Movie Bad Hair Day along with Good Luck Charlie actress Leigh-Allyn Baker.

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Laura wrote a song for the Disney Channel series "Austin and Ally," which will be premiering on June 24, 2013. Laura Marano will also be performing the song, titled "Finally Me."

Contributed by Paula Jewl Dulce

Laura getting interviewed by Young Hollywood.

Contributed by Paula Jewl Dulce

Laura Marano posing for Thrifty magazine.

Contributed by Paula Jewl Dulce

Laura recently was on the cover of Nationalist Magazine!

Contributed by Paula Jewl Dulce

Laura recently did an interview with Clevver TV, updating them on what is to come on her current Disney Show "Austin and Ally."

Contributed by Paula Jewl Dulce

Laura Marano did a "This is who I am" segment on Disney Channel!

Contributed by Paula Jewl Dulce

Laura is an active twitter user! She always responds to her fans, while keeping them updated with what project she is currently working on.

Contributed by Paula Jewl Dulce

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