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Launch pad (disambiguation)

A launch pad is an above-ground platform from which rocket- missiles or space launch vehicles take off vertically.

Launch pad may also refer to:

  • Launchpad (website), used for bug tracking and software development mainly used as part of the Ubuntu operating system
  • Launchpad (OS X), an application launcher for Mac OS X Lion
  • LaunchPad, Clearspring tool that enables web content to be turned into distributable widgets
  • Launchpad, U3 software application for USB flash drives
  • Launchpad, a hardware controller for the Ableton Live music sequencer software
  • Launch Pad (software), an alternative to the Macintosh desktop developed by Berkeley Systems

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Tutorial for how to play the Launchpad by Abelton. It is a hardware controller for the Ableton Live music sequencer software. There are many artists and musicians who use this piece of hardware for Dj-ing.

Contributed by Bryan Malone

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