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Lao New Year

Lao New Year, called Pi Mai (Lao: , [pìːmāi]) or less commonlySongkran (Lao: ສົງກຣານ, [sǒŋkràːn]), is celebrated every year from April 13/14 to April 15/16.

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Even the President celebrates it!

Contributed by Aly Misty Sirisak

The new year celebration usually last for 2 weeks in Laos but most people celebrate it a little longer. Also Laos people also celebrate it in America too. But it takes a little longer because each temple will have a turn to celebrate it. Usually it is celebrated with huge water fights, shaving cream, powder, and silly strings. It is a time to have fun and let go of stress and have fun. But there are ritual that they do before having fun. Most will prey and get blessings from the monks. Before having fun.

Contributed by Aly Misty Sirisak

Laos New Year (Ga) Parade

There are floats in the parade that has the monks and pageant girls, on separate rides, having the parade around the temple. Every new year will have this no matter where they are.

Contributed by Aly Misty Sirisak

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