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Kodaline (/ˈkdəln/) are an Irish band. Originally known as 21 Demands, in 2012 the band changed their name to Kodaline.

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My cover of latch

Contributed by Alejandro Navarro

My cover of High Hopes.

Contributed by Alejandro Navarro

Kodaline covers Sam cooke.

Contributed by Alejandro Navarro

Kodaline... man where do I start? Kodaline is my favorite band for so many reasons. While the music they create is incredibly beautiful.. what sets them apart is their lyrics. Everything that they write comes from the soul. There is so much passion and tenderness in Steve's voice.. and when He sings, you can hear the love in his voice. I've shared their music with everyone I know, and I am yet to find someone who doesn't immediately fall in love with their music. I once showed a friend of mine the music video to "All I want" and she broke down crying. I can't make that up. Literally bawling in tears.... I don't know of any other band that can evoke such strong emotions in literally EVERYONE who listens. That is the sign of a legendary songwriter. Their music covers so many topics... Falling head over heels for someone? try "Latch" or "brand new day" Just had your heart broken? Don't worry.. "One day" and "All I want" say it all Feel like you're going nowhere with your relationship? "Love like this" Scared about the future.. and feeling out of control of your life? "big bad world" theres something for everyone. I can't wait to see where this band goes in a few years, because I am CERTAIN that they are going to be HUGE! If there is an ounce of sense left in the music industry, they will win dozens of Red carpet award throughout their career. Would it be crazy to call them the beatles of this generation? I certainly hope not. Steve, Vinny, Jason, and Mark.. Keep it up!!!!! And come to Miami. Ill be front row. The one grown man screaming like a 13 year old girl at a One Direction concert. ahahhaa

Contributed by Alejandro Navarro


Contributed by Alejandro Navarro

After the fall

Contributed by Alejandro Navarro

"Nobody is going to tell you how to live"

Contributed by Alejandro Navarro

Kodaline's official website. Tours, Merch, new songs, scrapbook. Everything is here

Contributed by Alejandro Navarro

Want to see all of kodaline's songs before they were finished?

Contributed by Alejandro Navarro

Kodaline covers Taylor Swift

Contributed by Alejandro Navarro

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