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I love this quick guide on how much yarn to use when making different projects. PLUS - who doesn't love cartoon sheep?

Contributed by Victoria Cox

This site shows you how to write in your knitted clothing. I can't wait to monogram everything I've made!

Contributed by Victoria Cox

Kid Knits - Changing Lives with Yarn!

Find out how these loom knitting kits with handspun yarn are helping women and families in Rwanda and Chile!

Contributed by Tamara Kelly

The only thing I've learned about knitting in the short time I've been doing it is that it is extremely difficult.

Contributed by Rebekah Quaglio

Yarn for Kids

There is so much we can give to kids. Why not make them something sentimental?

Contributed by Claire Robinson

Winter, here I come!!!!

I finally finished making my scarves!!!!!

Contributed by Jordan Griffin

love to knitting baby beannie and colorful colors are my favorite

time of cold water can cover head and baby ears

Contributed by Mary Arellano Garza

Arm Knitting

Super easy, and cute, arm knitting! Plus it only takes 30 minutes!

Contributed by Caitlin Ash

Easy Beginner Instructions for a Scarf!

Includes instructions for two different yarn colors!

Contributed by Tess Chaffin

never thought kitting could make so many insane creations

Contributed by Lydia Baker