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So, let me put this out there, I really love Doctor Who and knitting is one of my favorite things to do so it seem natural for me to blend the two together. This page is full of knitting (and crocheting) patterns of varying degrees of difficulty.

Contributed by Kali Nelson

cleaver diy for old jeans

Contributed by Tara ODonniley

Abacus bead knitting

I found this photo on instagram. There are no instructions, but I think it's not hard to figure how to do it. I think it's just knitting a few stitches here and there with multiple beads in between

Contributed by Betty Chang

Scalloped Flowers

These look fun and easy. They would look great stitched on a small baby's hat.

Contributed by Katlyn Powers

My mom and I have made tons of these easy "potato chip" scarves! They are so easy to make, are wonderful gifts, and look so unique and adorable over pretty much any outfit! If you are a knitter, you would appreciate this!

Contributed by Emily Flower

DIY scarf

Awesome tutorial!

Contributed by Haley Rokey

Straw Knitting

This is a new way to knit but its not really knitting. It is really easy, all you need are some straws and yarn. The link has great step by step pictures which go into detail, but all you basically have to do is weave the yarn around the straws! This seems super easy even little kids could do it!!

Contributed by Katie Otradovec

Wiki Forever

I feel like such a cheat using wikihow but it's always so helpful! This link does a beginner and intermediate headband.

Contributed by Victoria Cox

Knitted Washcloth

My aunt loves frogs and I can't wait to make this adorable pattern for her baby. Just needing tips on how to keep up with the number of rows.

Contributed by Victoria Cox

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