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Kansas Jayhawks

The Kansas Jayhawks, commonly referred to as KU, are the athletic teams that represent the University of Kansas. KU is one of three schools in the state of Kansas that participate in NCAA Division I. The Jayhawks are also a member of the Big 12 Conference. KU athletic teams have won eleven NCAA Division I championships: three in men's basketball, one in men's cross country, three in men's indoor track and field, three in men's outdoor track and field, and one in women's outdoor track and field.

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The term Jayhawk from the University of Kansas was introduced in 1848. The Jayhawk was a combination of a Blue Jay and a Sparrow Hawk. The Jayhawk term was used in the war to describe the warriors both fighting to keep slavery and to abolish slavery. Eventually the Jayhawk term stuck with the states wanting to stop slavery. Kansas was a Free State stronghold so the Jayhawk term was used alot in Kansas so the University in Kansas used Jayhawk as there Mascot.

Contributed by Jeff Babcock

The Kansas Jayhawks have the best basketball team in the nation hands down. Their campus is beautiful and filled with amazing people. If you are ever looking for a college to go to--check out the University of Kansas! There is nothing more exciting than sitting in Allen Field House at a mens basketball game!

Contributed by Crissy Starr Ryun

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