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Father Welaahilaninui
Mother Owe or Lailai
Wife Kupulanakehao
Issue Wākea
Kahiko-Lua-Mea (better known simply as Kahiko) is a god in Hawaiian mythology, who was once a chief on the Earth and lived in Olalowaia. He is mentioned in the chant Kumulipo and in the Chant of Kūaliʻi.

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Kahiko is also used to describe the ancient hula performed often with hawaiian chanting. The chanting tells of stories often of gods and most often tells tales of procreation of the royal lineage which were refereed to as kalani, meaning royal or heaven. For example, the first line of the kahiko chant Ha'u Ha'u E, says "He ma'i no kalani, ha'u ha'u e". It's translated to "A genital song for the royal one, puff puff away".

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