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Käthe Kollwitz

Käthe Kollwitz, née Schmidt (German pronunciation: [kɛːtə kɔlvɪt͡s]), (8 July 1867 – 22 April 1945) was a German artist, who worked with painting, printmaking (including etching, lithography and woodcuts) and sculpture. Her most famous art cycles, including The Weavers and The Peasant War, depict the effects of poverty, hunger, and war on the working class. Despite the realism of her early works, her art is now more closely associated with Expressionism. Kollwitz was the first woman elected to the Prussian Academy of Arts.

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Expressionism is created when artist expresses emotional experiences through paintings, drawings or music. In Germany in 1867 Kathe Kollwitz was born. This woman would grow up to be one of few woman artists of her time. She then got married to a doctor and she was sad that she couldn’t help these people. The two lovebirds had a son named Peter who sadly passed away before they did. Her art was filled with politics after this event because her son died at war. She expressed her sadness through her art which was the only way she dealt with it. Her husband then died at the age of 77. She dealt with lots of illness and death in her life. She once said “Drawing is the only thing that makes my life bearable.”

Contributed by Reanna Fénix Pereyra

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