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Julianne Moore is an American actress who made her acting debut on television in 1984 in the mystery series The Edge of Night. The following year she made her first appearance in the soap opera As the World Turns, which earned her a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Ingenue in a Drama Series in 1988. Moore went on to appear in the television films, Money, Power, Murder (1989) and The Last to Go (1991)—before her breakthrough role as artist Marian Wyman in Robert Altman's drama film Short Cuts (1993). Her performance garnered critical acclaim as well as notoriety for a monologue her character delivers while nude below the waist. Among Moore's releases of 1995 were Todd Haynes' drama Safe and the romantic comedy Nine Months, in which she starred alongside Hugh Grant. The following year she portrayed French painter Dora Maar in the Merchant Ivory film Surviving Picasso opposite Anthony Hopkins and Natascha McElhone. She also appeared in Steven Spielberg's science fiction adventure sequel The Lost World: Jurassic Park—Moore's biggest commercial success to that point. Two years later she played a wartime adulteress in The End of the Affair for which she received her first Academy Award for Best Actress nomination.

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fanart from the movie "Hannibal" based off of Thomis Harris' book of the same name. Featured are Julianne Moore and Anthony Hopkins

Contributed by Kaela Pulanco

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