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Jozef Kapustka

Józef Kapustka (Tarnów, 1969) is a Polish classical pianist. He currently lives in Paris, France.

Biography and schooling
Jozef Kapustka was born in 1969. He began receiving early musical tuition from local instructor Danuta Cieślik at the age of 3. He then briefly studied at the State Higher Academy of Music in Kraków with Ewa Bukojemska. Having graduated from The Juilliard School in New York (Bachelor of Music degree, 1992; piano with Josef Raieff, then Jerome Lowenthal and chamber music with Joseph Fuchs), he moved on to obtain a Postgraduate Advanced Studies Diploma specializing in piano performance from the Royal Academy of Music in London (1997), with Martin Roscoe. He also worked with Dimitri Bashkirov (masterclasses held under auspices of the Queen Sofía College of Music in Spain) and Vera Gornostaeva in Paris and Moscow. Being an alumnus of the Music Academy of the West in Santa Barbara, 1991, he holds a Diplome superieur de la langue et civilization francaise from Paris Sorbonne University (1994). In 1994 he received a Grand Prix of the Conservatoire International de Musique de Paris. He was nominated for the Molière award in 2010 (Best musical play: Diva à Sarcelles, written and directed by Virginie Lemoine).

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Jozef Kapustka

Jozef Kapustka in Rio de Janeiro (photo: Paulo Tarso)

Contributed by Jozef Kapustka

Jozef Kapustka

Jozef Kapustka, photo:Anton Rosenfeld (UK)

Contributed by Jozef Kapustka

Jozef Kapustka at the Russian Federation Cultural Center in Paris

Jozef Kapustka, courtesy Stella Art International

Contributed by Jozef Kapustka

Jozef Kapustka (fot. Sanaz Khosravi, Iran)

Pianist Jozef Kapustka, Paris 2013

Contributed by Jozef Kapustka

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