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I love to write, so journaling wasn't hard for me to do. The hard part for me was trying to keep up with it. Then I realized that writing in my journal shouldn't be a chore or hard for me to do. I should do it when I feel inspired or compelled to write. This has helped me so much and has also improved the quality of my journals. Personally, I use a leather journal. This makes it feel more real to me and it fits my style. I hope this helped!

Contributed by Amanda Jennifer Treible

Recently I decided to try journaling to keep record of some of my thoughts, and really help me sort out a lot of things that I'd been having trouble with. I went into it thinking it wasn't going to help, that really all it was going to do would be to make me more confused, but it actually worked miracles! It really helped me make a decision as to how I felt about where I was going to focus my work in life and make an intelligent decision as to where I was going to use my time. I would highly recommend journaling to anyone and everyone, especially if you have a lot that goes on in your life as a way to keep things focused, clear, organised, and therefore low-stress.

Contributed by Ally Klingelhofer

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