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John Colter

John Colter (c.1770-1775 – May 7, 1812 or November 22, 1813) was a member of the Lewis and Clark Expedition (1804–1806). Though party to one of the more famous expeditions in history, Colter is best remembered for explorations he made during the winter of 1807–1808, when he became the first known person of European descent to enter the region which later became Yellowstone National Park and to see the Teton Mountain Range. Colter spent months alone in the wilderness and is widely considered to be the first known mountain man.

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Remembering John Colter, The John Colter Run (only in America)

Contributed by Lori Jones

John Colter (1774 - 1812) was a mountain man who lived by trapping furs in around the Rocky Mountain region of the U.S. He had relations at both ends of the spectrum with Native Americans. In one instance he was captured by the Blackfeet tribe. The chief asked him if he was a slow or fast runner. Suspicious, he answered that he was very slow (which was the opposite of the truth). He was stripped naked and given a considerable head start (to make more sport of his slowness) and the hunt was on. John ran like the wind - until after a couple of miles, exhaustion was about to take over. He decided he must fight, and turning on the last scout who remained in the chase, he witnessed the intended fatal blow. But somehow the throw failed, the spear lodged in the ground and broke, Colter used the weapon to defeat his attacker and survived.

Contributed by Lori Jones

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