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John Butler Trio

The John Butler Trio are an Australian roots/rock band led by guitarist and vocalist John Butler, an APRA and ARIA-award-winning musician. They formed in Fremantle in 1998 with Jason McGann on drums and Gavin Shoesmith on bass. By 2009, the trio consisted of Butler with Byron Luiters on bass and Nicky Bomba on drums and percussion, the latter being replaced by Grant Gerathy in 2013.

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Watch all kinds of great JBT on this site!! Listen to his latest songs and the old ones too!

Contributed by Vanessa Wood

I can't give you some samples of JBT and not include this song. Have fun!

Contributed by Stephen Edwards

You know those bands that have that one awesome instrumental? Short and sweet?... Well yeah JBT is one of those bands. And this is their song. Enjoy

Contributed by Stephen Edwards

The man John Butler himself

Contributed by Stephen Edwards

The Trio

Contributed by Stephen Edwards

With all the once good songs being way overplayed on the radio, it's nice to get a fresh mix of tunes every once in a while. If you're into the chill artists such as Jason Mraz and John Mayer, I have a feeling John Butler Trio might speak to you. Check out the video below for a sweet sample of this great band that doesn't get the publicity it deserves.

Contributed by Stephen Edwards

Probably their most chill song out there. Just a great tune and a great sample of JBT.

Contributed by Stephen Edwards

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