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Jewellery design

Jewellery design is the art or profession of designing and creating jewellery. This is one of civilization's earliest forms of decoration, dating back at least seven thousand years to the oldest known human societies in Mesopotamia and Egypt. The art has taken many forms throughout the centuries, from the simple beadwork of ancient times to the sophisticated metalworking and gem cutting known in the modern day.

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A Try Handmade interview explains: "Trudy Blankenship grew up in Kansas City, where she’s lived her whole life. She travels a lot with her husband, though, and they’re always dreaming of new places to move. Trudy has two crazy Boxers named Kaiser and Liesl. She loves rainy-day movies with her husband, working out, visiting with friends and reading. She also creates jewelry and mixed media collages. She’s eaten the same thing for breakfast for the past 10 years – a peanut butter granola bar. On the average day during the summer, you’ll find Trudy wearing cargo pants and a tank top and listening to Norah Jones, Sting and the Black Eyed Peas. During the school year, she teaches English to 7th graders. She describes herself as organized, funny, loving, creative, outgoing, sensitive, nurturing and compassionate." More at

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