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Interest group (disambiguation)

The term interest group refers to virtually any voluntary association that seeks to publicly promote and create advantages for its cause. It applies to a vast array of diverse organizations. This includes corporations, charitable organizations, civil rights groups, neighborhood associations, professional and trade associations.

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There were many references to the work of interest groups in opposing the sequester. There were many opinions from public interest groups who voiced their concerns of the impact of these budget cuts. For instance, the coalition of hematologists indicated their concern that valuable medical research would experience a great decrease that would slow down the process of finding solutions to diseases that affect many, a somewhat purposive incentive. Rapid advances will be drastically slowed down and these activists are using different mediums to gather attention. This relates to class as we discussed the large role that the linkage institution of media takes in political issues. In grassroots efforts, representatives of the hematologists’ group have sent letters to newspapers of old media and are now tweeting videos to Congress as new media. Traditional lobbyists who attempt to influence government decisions on the behalf of an interest group are also being used by many of these interest groups before the sequester. Another interest group, the public sector unions, relates to the classroom discussion of the union movement in which we learned that the unions comprised of government workers are the most important part of the union movement. Using media coverage through television ads in seven cities, the union hopes to voice their concern about the sequester. Another relation to class is the importance of lobbyists and interest groups to use their most valuable commodity, information. In the article, the groups clearly have gathered research that shows numerically how the sequester will impact the economics of their group and even the country as a whole. From local representatives worrying about the decrease in federal grants to defense companies providing information on the economic toll, information is actively being used. The overbearing issue of the lack of compromise between Republicans and Democrats also shows party polarization, a vote in which as majority of Democrats vote against a majority of Republicans. If a compromise was made, the cuts may have never been applied.

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