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Kid President

The young genius from Soul Pancake has some wise words for your day.

Contributed by Shayna Rose Horowitz

Suicide problems

This is very inspiring!

Contributed by Violetta Gir

Funny and inspirational

It doesn't matter who you are, you can achieve anything you set your mind to!

Contributed by Blake Pedersen

If want something, go for it!

Even if it's just getting a duck

Contributed by Blake Pedersen

Don't settle with simple work

Strive forward to stand out

Contributed by Bryan Lopez

Keep striving forward

Achieve your dreams

Contributed by Bryan Lopez

When it doesn't feel right go left.

don't follow the crowd.

Contributed by Bryan Lopez

The Reason I posted this link to the inspiration page is because that is the first feeling I endured once I set this poem down. Throughout high school I had ran cross country and track, which assisted in allowing me to relate my own experiences to the content of this poem. Being able to personalize the meaning of this poem allowed for myself to reflect and really appreciate the story behind it.

Contributed by Tony Cacioppo

“I loved her like elephants like remembering stuff. Those things just won’t let me forget and move on.”

Contributed by Mackenzie Sax

I find the singers that the Cardinal Sessions records/posts to be extremely inspiring and beautiful, and maybe you will too?

Contributed by Ally Klingelhofer