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Contributed by Juanita Harris

Don't Give up

Just keep your heads held high don't ever look down.

Contributed by Jade Johnson

"If all there is left is to be, will you be able to? Know who you are, be true to yourself. And if you lose site of you, rediscover yourself.

Contributed by Danielle Tyler Vingoe

Be You

by Maya Angelou

Contributed by Danielle Tyler Vingoe

NO excuses. Work hard everyday

Contributed by Alex Hesketh

Avante Garde Diaries presents Unlocking the Truth: Malcolm Brickhouse and Jarad Dawkins. This is an inspiring story about determination and self-acceptance. They already have their future tour mapped out! The African-American youngsters are defying odds and breaking stereotypes by forming a rock group and painting their nails. Source:

Contributed by Atrice Alexis

Giving up seems the easiest to do, give life the challenge by showing you CAN continue your story.

Contributed by Chelsea LiightSkin KitKat

"What doesnt kill you makes you stronger" So dont give up. Keep Going. Be Happy. Smile. Because you've got to get through the storm to experience the rainbow. The prettiest of all diamonds are created under an extreme amount of pressure! ((STAY BEAUTIFUL)) ♥

Contributed by Katie Mullen

Did you know that two people who played Wendy and Peter Pan at Disney World got married in real life?

Contributed by Jen Lee

I wonder what will be invented 101 years from now?

Contributed by Jen Lee