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Such an adorable baby :)

Contributed by Charity Richards


Contributed by Megan Barnes

Bright and beautiful

Contributed by Megan Barnes

Yup I got this!

Ok hold on, here it goes! Dang it!

Contributed by Josh Milligan


What 'chu talkin' 'bout!

Contributed by Josh Milligan

My sociology professor showed us this video last semester to show us how the twins are mimicking their parents with their hand movements and motions.

Contributed by Emily Naylor

What is more interesting to a person than their child?

Sweet baby Amelia! A baby's smile is always genuine!

Contributed by Sarah Dell Mann

just too adorable and funny

Contributed by Jordan Griffin

There is nothing more innocent and pure than a baby's belly laugh.

Contributed by Rocio Cerrillo

I was an awful baby, I had colic basically for the first year of my life. I would never sleep. They ran vaccum cleaners, set me in my carseat on the dryer, took me for car rides to try to settle my tummy so they and I could sleep...but unfortunately it rarely worked. My mom even told me that at one point she wanted to throw me out the window because I wouldnt stop crying and she was exhausted. However, I now am a straight A student with the occasional B's, involved in everything you can imagine, babysit, work at my grandmother's restaurant, and still manage to go to school and maintain my 3.8 GPA. Now my brother on the other hand, was what you'd call the perfect baby. He would rarely cry, he'd sleep through the night...just a great baby. Now though, he is always in trouble everywhere he goes, will barely ever do his school work, and never follows direction. I wonder if it has to do anything with genetics and disorders.

Contributed by Allison Elizabeth Blythe