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Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons is an American pop rock band from Las Vegas, Nevada, consisting of lead vocalist Dan Reynolds, lead guitarist Wayne Sermon, bassist Ben McKee, and drummer Daniel Platzman. and 2017 and named them their "Breakthrough Band of 2013". and "Biggest Band of 2017." Rolling Stone named "Radioactive", which holds the record for most weeks charted on the Billboard Hot 100, the "biggest rock hit of the year", and MTV called them "the year's biggest breakout band".

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Pentatonix does beautiful covers, and I thought this was worth sharing

Contributed by Desiree Carrington

One of my favorite Imagine Dragons songs

Contributed by Shawna McCann


They are an awesome band! Their lyrics are one of a kind and are well written! I listen to them all the time and think everyone should listen to their song "On top of the world." Its such a feel good song I listen to it every day going into work just to put my self in a better mood. If people would listen to the song it would put them in an up beat mood and maybe there wouldn't be so may rude people in the world!

Contributed by Lynzee Record

Imagine Dragons before they were signed. This is a Jan. 2010 Picture with former band mates Brittany and Andrew, as well and Ben and Dan.

Contributed by Alecia Gray

Dan Reynolds swinging and singing during Feb. 9 2013 Las Vegas show.

Contributed by Alecia Gray

Imagine dragons Sept 2012 with the Las Vegas original fan club "fire breathers."

Contributed by Alecia Gray

I just saw them last night in Salt Lake City. They are incredible! And you can really tell that they feel the music. Wow.

Contributed by Sarah Hamatake

Imagine Dragons is coming to Boise Idaho on May 21st!

Contributed by Jessica Jackson

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